Monticello's Heirloom Hobby Horse

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Channel Craft is honored by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation to create a series of heirloom toys from one of Monticello’s Tulip Poplar Trees. Often described as one of our country’s foremost architectural masterpieces, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello is a reflection of its creator’s ingenuity and breadth of interests. Jefferson described the Tulip Poplar as the “Juno of our Groves” when he forwarded seeds to a Parisian friend in 1805. The Tulip Poplar is a fast growing tree and the tallest hardwood species of the eastern North American forest.

After carefully milling, stacking, drying and dimensioning Monticello’s Tulip Poplar wood in Virginia, it was transported to Channel Craft’s Monongahela Riverfront factory, which is just around the bend from Jefferson’s launch of Lewis & Clark’s expedition in 1803.

Your will appreciate this limited edition Tulip Poplar heirloom Hobby Horse that is laser engraved and individually numbered. Monticello history and interpretive text is included. (Number will be chosen at random.)

Measures approximately 36 inches tall.